Developing English Language Literacy Through the Arts


the name that ArtsConnection gives to all its work with English Language Learners (ELLs)

DELLTA Residency Model:  Students learn to work and think like artists

  • An inquiry-based approach engages students in authentic arts-making experiences and provides opportunities for self-expression
  • Small group work facilitates collaborative discussion and decision making
  • Peer assessment practices help students analyze and improve their work
  • Targeted teaching strategies that support language development

Our DELLTA Residency Model is grounded in research that shows students develop language skills in an engaging, authentic context that they care about, and that provides opportunities for self-expression.

DELLTA Professional Development Model

School-based teams of dual language, ESL and classroom teachers, ArtsConnection’s teaching artists and program staff, collaborate to support inter-disciplinary teaching and learning and build Professional Learning Networks within and across schools through 50 hours per year of facilitated professional development.

Video Study (learn more about Video Study)

Video Study is a professional development model for building new teaching strategies based on the study of student work samples captured on video by teachers. Teams develop a shared knowledge base and experience within and across schools through three years of facilitated professional development in which they learn to:

  • document and assess student learning on video
  • identify students’ strengths and challenges, and strategies to help them meet those challenges
  • develop teaching strategies that cross disciplines

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