We seek to expand the conversation beyond the physical space of our classrooms and organization through the video and written resources made available here. We invite questions and responses from educators and artists everywhere.

For the past 15 years, ArtsConnection staff and artists have engaged in a series of inquiries with our teacher-partners that have built the organization’s capacities and improved the quality of our work with students. Our process is informed by many colleagues in the field, especially the work done at Harvard’s Project Zero in Making Learning and Thinking Visible.

Our current inquiries include:

  • How do children learn to work and think like artists?

  • How does the artistic process relate to teaching and learning in other subject areas?

  • What are the authentic connections between the Common Core State Standards and learning in the arts?

  • How does learning in dance and theater affect second language acquisition and support cultural understanding in emergent bilingual students?

Our responses to these complex questions will emerge as written and video documentation work their way through our editing processes over the coming weeks and months. Please check in with this site regularly for new information.