Our Impact

Sense of achievementabout us2

  • Students develop self-confidence, motivation and the ability to take positive risks, while learning to see a project through from beginning to end


Communication and collaboration skills

  • Students demonstrate a significant increase and success in teamwork, listening, forming and expressing opinions; an increased ability to share and receive constructive criticism; are better able to recall and follow instructions


Physical abilities and self-control

  • Students showed increased physical and spatial awareness, physical and vocal expression, dexterity and fine motor skills


Problem-solving and critical thinking

  • Students use evidence to support their opinions and suggestions, recommending solutions based on logic, experience and self-awareness


Knowledge of the art form

  • Students develop an artistic voice through building technical and expressive skills in the art form. Using terminology specific to each art form, students build oral and written communication skills, sharing discovered connections, analyzing criteria, and explaining artistic choices

In addition, research shows that students participating in ArtsConnection programs are more likely to come to school, and more likely to observe and utilize connections between their work with ArtsConnection and core subjects such as social studies and English.