Our 2021 Annual Report is here!

Our 2021 Annual Report is here!

It’s that time of year again: when our organization reflects on the work and progress made during the past fiscal year. As the COVID-19 pandemic entered its second year, student safety remained the priority at ArtsConnection.

Virtual learning helped foster a sense of digital community while still keeping students healthy. It also presented students with the opportunity to embrace a rapidly digitizing world, exploring how art can be both created and shared in 2021. Whether it was elementary school students creating GIFs or high schoolers presenting their art through virtual exhibitions, ArtsConnection students used technology to tread both community and individual expression. Which is why the theme of this year’s Annual Report is Centering Student Voices.




It was inspiring to watch our extended community rally in support of arts education in 2021.

Debra Peltz, Chair, Board of Directors



“A year of remote learning did not mean less learning; in fact, it made visible just how hungry young people are to develop their skills and express themselves.”

Rachel Watts, Executive Director 



Featuring student artwork, testimonies,
an overview of revenue, expenses and more! 

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