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Earth School Observation Language

Observation and Description in Dance

Students in Maya’s 4/5th grade class are learning the beginning of a piece of choreography. The artists use observation and description to help students understand the movement sequence, allowing multiple entry points for different kinds of learners. This experience helps students to learn and understand a piece of choreography, and it builds skills students will […]

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239Q Charting Revision photo

Using a Feedback Chart for Revisions in Theater

Fourth grade students in Chris Heller’s theater residency at PS 239q devise scenes based on The Private Notebook of Katie Roberts, Age 11, a text from the curriculum. Throughout the process students share their scenes and give each other feedback. Feedback is charted to help students remember and apply feedback. Follow one student, Noel, as […]

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Jenny Campbell Rubric photo

Working with a Rubric in Theater

Using a rubric for theater, teaching artist Jenny Campbell leads students in Ms. Wong’s class at PS 163Q through the process of creating scenes in small groups that take place in a vehicle. The students use the rubric to assess their progress and to assess and give feedback to their peers during presentation and performance. […]

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Legend Indian Paintbrush Reem photo

4th Grade Curriculum Connections – Studying Native American Folktales

As part of their Native American Folktale study, Ms. Angelo’s 4th grade class reads and discusses “The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush”. They create a list of characters in preparation for the first session with Teaching Artist Sarah Provost. Ms. Angelo takes this opportunity to deepen student understanding of story elements.

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130k G5 Parade Puppets

5th Grade Curriculum Connections in Puppetry, Social Studies and ELA

The 5th graders at PS 130 connect their Parade Puppet Residency to their Social Studies Unit on “Slavery and Freedom”. 5th grade teacher Mr. Zagami talks through the benefits of designing puppets and generating first person monologues based on research from a variety of texts. The students put themselves in another person’s shoes, and answer […]

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