ArtsConnection’s Liberated Learning Environment Framework (LLEF) is a valuable new resource for educators and teaching artists, underpinned by four core principles: Cultural Humility, Student Agency, Community Building, and Responsive Planning. A central goal: to ensure all students and educators feel valued and to foster an inclusive learning environment.

Modeled after the teachings of famed Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, LLEF captures our unique approach to arts education, one that centers youth voices, uplifts students’ identities, and encourages student agency. Over two years, ArtConnection’s Teaching Artist Advisory board, in collaboration with ArtsConnection staff, researched, designed and tested the framework. LLEF will guide the work of our teaching artists and educators for years to come.

Below is a snapshot of the framework:



At this year’s Artist Institute for teaching artist on our roster on September 26-28, we embarked on a yearlong organization and programs wide implementation and refinement of this framework. Staff and TAAB members who helped develop the framework led workshops on the exploration of the LLEF and supported our teaching artists in beginning action research around how they cultivate a liberated learning environment in their own teaching practice this year.

The LLEF is made possible by the generous support of the Tsunami Foundation and the Kornfeld Foundation.