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How Language is Built Through DELLTA

What kinds of language do students need to learn to work and think like artists?

Our practitioner inquiry into this question included 80 ESL, dual language, classroom and art teachers, ArtsConnection artists and staff members. We concluded that students need to use language to:

  1. Understand the structures, principles, concepts, and vocabulary of the art form, and understand criteria used to assess work within the art form in order to improve their work, i.e., language to help them work like artists. Much of this language crosses disciplines.
  2. Brainstorm ideas and make artistic choices,incorporating personal invention with their understanding of the structures and criteria demanded by the art form.
  3. Explain their choices.Discuss ideas, negotiate, and compromise in collaboration with others. Give feedback to peers on their own artistic choices.
  4. Describewhat a work of art communicates to them.

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