DELLTA Residency Model

Residency Model for Students

ArtsConnection’s DELLTA residencies are available to schools and educators in the New York City area and include teacher education and implementation support from ArtsConnection teaching artists. The program is built out in collaboration with school administrators and educators to fit the particular needs of the MLL students.

Rigorous Instruction in the Arts

The artistic process is one of exploration and making choices  in an iterative process that requires using imagination and higher order thinking skills: analysis, synthesis and evaluation

Language Development

The residency provides opportunities for authentic use of English and student-generated conversations. Language supports are embedded throughout the process to support Multilingual Learners in achieving the arts and language goals

DELLTA Residency Structure 

All residencies take an inquiry-based approach that engages students in authentic arts-making experiences.

Dance/theater toolbox: Learning the basics
Art Making: Student choreography/building a scene
Language Practices and support 
Small Group Collaboration: Students collaborate to explore, discuss, negotiate and make collaborative choices in the development of their dance and theater pieces
Formative Assessment: Students give and receive peer feedback, self assess and revise their art making. This process increases their understanding and ownership of learning.
Performance: Students share their work in the art form with the school community

Residency Options