“Art is the Heart of Life” artist profile: Julian

“Neighborhood Scenes”

Julian is an alum of ArtsConnection and Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School

My art depicts a New York City neighborhood throughout the year as a surreal exaggeration but shows all the wonders of our city — scenes from Halloween, Christmas, summertime, fall, winter, spring, kids playing sidewalk games, drawing, a typical bodega, people in their windows dancing, singing, reading, acting, and all the varied life and interests of NYC. 

I grew up with a mother who was and still is an artist and she introduced me to art at a very young age. She also worked at the prestigious Met Museum, and I often went there growing up helping immerse myself in a variety of skillful art. Having a mom as an artist allowed me to engage in art discussions, collaborative work, and constructive criticism. This early exposure helped ingrain art into my life and allowed me to appreciate different techniques, different styles, and history itself. My dad is a musician — while it may seem unrelated, this exposed me to rhythm, harmony, emotion, and improvisation which one way or another, manifested its way into my art. Majoring in art in middle school and high school as well as participating in a numerous art exhibitions furthered my technical skills and discipline. Lastly, growing up in Brooklyn, a colorful and vibrant neighborhood with a big artistic scene such as galleries, street art, fashion, and music, also played a role in shaping who I am today.

I plan to study the medium of pen and ink. Although I have discovered my style of art, I would like to learn more techniques and incorporate new mediums. I would like to explore new subject matter that I can include in future pieces. Something else I want to explore is the integration of technology. With a background in computer science, also my area of study in college, I may explore digital art mediums such as animation or interactive works. My understanding and my future studies will help guide this journey, helping me create innovative art mixed with technology. In the future, I might also try to converge art and music through visual and audio representation incorporating musical elements into my art. As I navigate through college, I will be immersed in different arts. My art will most definitely reflect my future experiences, insights, cultural perspective, and personal values. I may not be majoring in art, but I will practice and discover new things, stay connected with my artistic friends and continue to grow as an artist.

Visit the “Art is the Heart of Life” online gallery

This gallery features artwork by NYC teens in response to ArtsConnection’s 45th Anniversary theme “Art is the Heart of Life”. The exhibition displays submitted artwork, as well as works selected by ArtsConnection staff that embody the theme from other Student Art Program exhibitions. Out of these artworks, the pieces by Dominique D., Debixs F., and Julian R. have been chosen to be displayed in our office through the end of the year!