“Art is the Heart of Life” artist profile: Dominique

“Rest in Petals, Rise in Memory”

Dominique is an alumna of ArtsConnection and Brooklyn High School of the Arts

My journey with ArtsConnection started in 2018 as an intern. Since then, the organization has exhibited my artwork at Kekst CNC, Soroban Capital Partners, and now in the “Art is the Heart of Life” online gallery.

As an artist, I find inspiration everywhere. Events that occur in society can be a source of inspiration. For this project, I interpreted “Art is the Heart of Life” to mean that art, beauty, and aesthetics is what makes life worth living or worthwhile. This is because art can appeal to and influence our emotions by boosting our mood, creating inspiration, challenging us about what is going on in society. For “Rest in Petals, Rise in Memory,” I was inspired by the police brutality cases that occurred in 2020.

As for my future, I am interested in User Experience Design, which is a mix of technology and design.

Visit the “Art is the Heart of Life” online gallery

This gallery features artwork by NYC teens in response to ArtsConnection’s 45th Anniversary theme “Art is the Heart of Life”. The exhibition displays submitted artwork, as well as works selected by ArtsConnection staff that embody the theme from other Student Art Program exhibitions. Out of these artworks, the pieces by Dominique D., Debixs F., and Julian R. have been chosen to be displayed in our office through the end of the year!