CHALKBOARD CHAT is an interview series highlighting the teaching artists and administrators who dedicate their time and expertise to ArtsConnection students. 

Program Manager, In-School and Connected Arts Network

What’s your earliest memory of being moved by art?

I went to a performing arts magnet school from K-6. I was literally moving in a dance performance, as a dancing garbage bag, in kindergarten.

Describe your primary school arts education in three words

Dance! Music! Theater!

How long have you been working with ArtsConnection?

I would sometimes be a guest for Dance TRaC where I would speak with the teens and then they would come and see my work. I’ve been on Program Staff since 2018.

Can you tell us about your artistic practice outside of your work at ArtsConnection?

I had a 30-year career, primarily in dance, first as a dancer then choreographer, Artistic Director of my own company. But I’m trained in dance theater and music. I now collaborate with musicians to make music. I play keyboards, percussion and sing with The Celestials.

Can you speak to professional learning for teaching artists?

I find it refreshing and inspired that our teaching artists are so passionate about professional learning and peer collaboration. They genuinely benefit from learning from one another and discussing their shared and different experiences. We’re constantly learning and growing!

In your own words, describe why ArtsConnection’s mission is so important.

We put the needs, interests, and ideas of the students, all our students, first!