Embracing Art’s Magic: Our New Board Members Share Stories of Enrichment and Creativity

ArtsConnection is delighted to welcome our newest board members: Yashvarhan Jain, Russ Jones, and Alice Wong.

Yashvardhan Jain

Isometry Capital
Investment Analyst | Long/Short Public Equity

“For as long as I can remember, the arts, particularly music and theater, have been a cornerstone of my life, providing emotional solace, a means of personal expression, and a bridge to connect with others. The opportunity to learn and perform on several stages as a young boy was instrumental in helping me develop confidence, creativity, and an appetite for risk, without which I would be a far lesser and certainly far less interesting person! I owe my arts teachers for much of who I am, and I cannot wait to help other kids discover themselves through the arts as I have.”

Russ Jones

Sony Music Entertainment
Senior Vice President, Commercial Partnerships

“From a very early age, growing up in New York City, I was drawn to the arts, music and theatre in particular. Attending a Performing Arts High School in Times Square during the late 90’s gave me an extraordinary window into the impact that entertainment has on society. Few things bring people from all walks of life together like arts and entertainment. There are endless possibilities and opportunities for young people to immerse themselves in, whether in front of the camera or behind it. Center stage or behind the scenes!”

Alice Wong

Bank of America Securities
Managing Director, FIG M&A, Investment Banking Division

“The arts have enriched my life by enabling me to appreciate different perspectives and cultures through the lens of an artist. To me, the arts are more than just a painting, a dance or a song. They tell stories. Yet, each story can be interpreted in so many ways by different people, shaped by their own background and journey in life.”