ArtsConnection Launches Professional Learning Website

On Friday, June 16th, we celebrated the launch of the ArtsConnection Professional Learning website,, featuring resources from our federally-funded Bridges and DELLTA programs with an in-person event in our offices.

It was nice to gather with so many current and former teaching artists and staff who came to celebrate this momentous occasion, as well as meeting new people who were eager to learn more about this free resource for educators interested in teaching the arts, and social-emotional learning through hands-on, age appropriate and process-oriented activities.

Over the past 15+ years, through a series of federally funded arts in education research programs, ArtsConnection has developed program models that support students to work and think like artists and help them discover their voices through the artmaking process. The culmination of this work has been documented in the form of an open-source website with free activities, resources, tools, and research findings that:

  • identify and strengthen the authentic connection between artistic and literacy processes
  • support students in transferring their art making skills into their academic work in areas such as story comprehension, story making, and speaking & listening.
  • increase student engagement by lowering the affective filter, removing barriers to participation, and addressing students’ emotional needs to be seen, heard and recognized for their talents,
  • effectively supports multilingual learners’ English language acquisition by engaging students in an authentic artmaking process that provides opportunities for self-expression, student-generated conversation and ownership of learning

This site would not be possible without tremendous effort and a deep appreciation for the work educators bring to classrooms across NYC (and beyond). We express our sincerest gratitude to all the individuals involved in researching, gathering, building, and launching this resourceful site: Erin Loughran, Maggie Fishman, Erin Orr, Kyla McKoll, Kelly Donovan, Brenda Maloy, Carol Morgan, Joanna Hefferen, Joe Nanashe, Caryn Cooper, Ed Miller, Daniel Levin, Sean Ward, Antonio Pulgarin, Sabrina Chan, Felt Hat, Jennifer Stengel-Mohr, Rob Horowitz, our Teaching Artists, Bridges: Donna Maria deCreft, Rima Fand, Kari Morris, Sarah Provost, SJ Munford, Laine Barton, Kirsten Kammemyer, Ed Woodham, Chris Ignacio, Psacoya Guinn, MacKenzie McBride, Jojo Gonzales, DELLTA: Kim Grier, Nami Kagami, Chris Heller, Jennifer Campbell, Lindsay Hinojosa, MJ Knefel, Anne Pasquale, Shawn Williams, and Educators and Administrators at: PS 20Q, PS 239Q, JHS 189Q, MS 185Q, PS/IS 226K, IS 228K, PS 95K, PS 130K, PS212Q, PS382X, PS51Q, PS 316Q, PS66Q, PS91Q, PS19Q, PS153Q, PS229Q, PS13Q, PS239Q and NYC DOE District 21.

Special Thanks to the U.S. Department of Education, NYC Department of Education, National Endowment for the Arts, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, The New York Community Trust, and Tsunami Foundation for their generous support over the past two decades.