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At the heart of our work with students is helping them learn to work and think like artists by learning to make artistic choices when constructing their own work of art in all art forms. Our colleagues Jessica Nicoll and Barry Oreck describe this process as learning to:  

• pose meaningful questions

• discover interests

• pursue provocative problems

• work collaboratively in the unknown territory of artistic creation

Students learn to reflect on their own work and the work of others through their participation in the Creative Learning Loop, which helps them build independence and a foundation for their own aesthetic based on their perceptions and interpretations of their experience.
The videos in this section explore ways artists help students collaborate, make choices and build their artistic voice.

students dancing on stage

Developing Artistic Voice through Improvisation

In Kim and Nami’s 4/5th grade dance residency, the artists provide students with a clear artistic process to help students develop their own improvisations. This structured step-by-step process frees students to work through artistic problems independently, putting the power in the students to explore movement freely, make artistic choices and decide how to develop their […]

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